Lukas Diemling — GIF — Grazer Impro Fest


Graphic Communication & Editorial Design

Shortlist(Buch) (2024)

Schaumbad Graz

At the end of August 2023, the Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz transformed itself into a special kind of utopian resort and celebrated the first Grazer Impro Fest. For nine days, inter/national artists and collectives will check in with all other experimenters to improvise together. All inclusive, of course: there will be singing and tuning, building instruments and making music, cooking and networking, performing and searching for the theoretical and structural conditions for the perfect improv-flow. An offer for body, mind and soul, in the middle of the post-industrial natural wasteland: and it’s all just improvised.​

Creative Lead:
Lukas Diemling

Art Direction:
Lukas Diemling

Grafik Design:
Lukas Diemling