The CCA competition is Austria’s most important award in the field of visual marketing communication. It honors the country’s best ideas and the minds that came up with them, bringing creatives and their clients to the limelight. Contrary to other such awards, the CCA is not bound to any member of the media, any lobby or client.

CCA-Venus 2022 Timings

25 March: Entry Deadline
11 – 20 April: Pre-Jury Online
29 April: Final Jury
19 May: Winners Announcement


The jury of experts will look out for outstanding, innovative, perfectly executed ideas that are of relevance to our society today. It is only the combination of these aspects that make for excellent works, be it in the fields of film, design, online advertising or PR; works that really “work” and move their audience.

Just like last years, the jury will be complemented by experts from outside the club, making the competition even more transparent.


Branded Content & Live Marketing
Craft: Animation, Art Direction, Digital Craft, Film Craft, Photography, Illustration, Music and Sound Design, Text
Creative Business Transformation
Creative Data
Creative Effectiveness
Creative Media
Creative Strategy
Direct & Promotion
Student of the Year
Out of Home
Public Relations

Client of the Year
Creative Lead of the Year

Awards can be reordered via the CCA office (


Past results

Results 2022
Submissions: 1.192
23x Gold
51x Silber
101x Bronze
189x Shortlist


Results 2021
Submissions: 1.008
26x Gold
48x Silber
97x Bronze
156x Shortlist


Results 2020
Submissions: 1.345, 53 Young Lions
23 golden Veneres
44 silver Veneres
110 bronze Veneres
179 Shortlist
2 Young Lions Teams


Results 2019
Submissions: 640 CCA-Venus, 50 Young Lions
13 golden Veneres
41 silver Veneres
63 bronze Veneres
128 Shortlist
3 Young Lions


Results 2018
Submissions: 783 (609 Venus, 173 Young Lions)
14 golden Veneres
42 silver Veneres
60 bronze Veneres
124 Shortlist
5 Young Lions


Results 2017
Submissions: 645
17 golden Veneres
53 silver Veneres
54 bronze Veneres
117 Shortlist


Results 2016
Submissions: 422
5 golden Veneres
21 silver Veneres
35 bronze Veneres
70 Shortlist


Results 2015
Submissions: 462
14 golden Veneres
20 silver Veneres
28 bronze Veneres
71 Shortlist


Results 2014
Submissions: 739
18 golden Veneres
29 silver Veneres
42 bronze Veneres
90 Shortlist