Creativ Club Austria was founded in 1972 as a platform to present and represent the best of Austria’s creative industries.
Every year, a jury of experts from various fields of design honors exemplary, above-standard creative works from several categories. Making it here means you can also make it elsewhere: at the ADC of Europe, in Cannes, at the Effie Awards, the Clio Awards, D&AD, LIA or the Golden Drum competition.

Apart from convening the CCA jury, the club – which has also initiated the CCA Young Lions Award for young talent in 2016 – hosts workshops and advanced trainings for both established and up-and-coming Austrian creatives. Moreover, members of the CCA serve as jurors in other competitions or give talks at workshops, seminars or events of other organizations.

President: Andreas Spielvogel (DDB Wien)
Vice President: Patrik Partl (Brokkoli)
Treasurer: Melanie Pfaffstaller (mel p filmproductions)
Secretary: Goran Golik
Debuty Treasurer: Roman Steiner (AANDRS)
Eva Oberdorfer (we make stories)
Doris Steiner (Ketchum Publico)
Thomas Ragger (WILD)
Bernhard Grafl
Georg Feichtinger (DODO)

Managing Director: Reinhard Schwarzinger



Agenda & Task Forces

ADC*Europe: H. Böker*
Award, Jury: E. Oberdorfer, G. Feichtinger, A. Spielvogel, T. Ragger
Corporate Design: R. Steiner
Digitalization: T. Ragger, E. Oberdorfer, G. Feichtinger
Presentation: A. Spielvogel, P. Partl, A. Thompson*
Women: D. Steiner, M. Pfaffstaller, R. Spielvogel*
Campaign: R. Steiner
Members: E. Oberdorfer, G. Feichtinger, A. Spielvogel
Survey: A. Spielvogel, P. Partl, F. Kowatz*
Youngsters: G. Golik, B. Grafl
PR: D. Steiner, P. Partl
Events: T. Ragger, G. Feichtinger
Werbewunder Radio: C. Marx*, E. Hochleitner*
Young Creatives: T. Hofer*, L. Körner*

*Many thanks to our members for supporting our agenda and the task forces.