Creativ Club Austria was founded in 1972 as a platform to present and represent the best of Austria’s creative industries.

Every year, a jury of experts from various fields of design honors exemplary, above-standard creative works from several categories. Making it here means you can also make it elsewhere: at the ADC of Europe, in Cannes, at the Effie Awards, the Clio Awards, D&AD, LIA or the Golden Drum competition.

But the Creativ Club Austria is more than the Venus Award. The club organizes seminars and workshops for the education and training of the communications industry. The promotion of young talent has always been a central concern and the CCA-Frauenzimmer specifically promotes women in the creative industry. CCA members are invited to serve on juries of other (international) awards and are sought-after speakers at courses, seminars and events.

The CCA is a member of the Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE). CCA members and CCA Young Creatives are also ADCE members after registration on the ADCE website.

Board members 2022 – 2024

President: Andreas Spielvogel (DDB Wien)
Vice President and Treasurer: Melanie Pfaffstaller (mel p filmproductions)
Secretary: Goran Golik
Debuty Treasurer: Lukas Fliszar (101)
Nora Sri Jascha (dasuno)
Katharina Maun (DODO)
Patrik Partl (BROKKOLI)
Daniela Sobitschka (DMB.)

Managing Director: Reinhard Schwarzinger